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> Druids and shit
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It hasn't been edited. It needs a lot of Editing, and rewriting, but here it is anyway... First two pages. I have 11 written thus far. Lemme know if you wanna read more of this train-wreck.
What is going on? Where… Who… Agh, consciousness is coming back to me. I put my hand on my head, weird, there doesn’t seem to be anything lodged in it, and yet the pain… I feel my head over with my hand, memories start coming up. I open up my eyes – I’m in a room. My room I think, I am not so sure right now, everything is surreal, but at least I know what I am. I’d say who I am, but I wasn’t even sure what I was the first few seconds, consciousness devoid of memory or something. I’m Derrek, a fail-druid, 18 years old, and just fresh out of Druid High school.

Argh. I sit up. I continue feeling up my head, with both hands now – with my fingertips – I’m surprised, both relieved and anxious. I can’t seem to find anything leaking, no spots that hurt, not really, the temple of my left side hurts a bit, but nothing that could explain the pain going on inside my head. A slowly pulsating pain, which is actually, actually, it’s getting better with each minute I spend touching my head, perhaps the massage my head gets brings some blood circulation which helps alleviate it? I do not know, but whatever, it’s getting better – I’m not gonna to jinx it by experimenting with stopping  the “massage”.

It’s coming back to me now. I lay back on the bed, I notice the fresh air in my room. The fresh smell of cold air. Nice. I lay in bed for a few minutes, alternating between closed eyes and open eyes, hand on the forehead, hand on the heart. I vaguely remember what happened now. All the 12th graders took the train to the woods outside the city, to do the Summoning ritual, as the final step to graduating from high school, I remember sitting with some of the guys from the F-team of my class, an unfavorable name some of us got grouped into, as a result of our skills, or lack thereof, in some of the druidical spells categories.

Once we reached the woods we had 5 days to find an oak tree with a mistletoe up on it, one of the classes found it after 3 days, so the two days that were left everybody just chilled with their own group of peers, as in, the cool kids with the cool kids, the averages – which was the main group – with the averages, and the rest, those with little skill, well, those didn’t even form a group, we mostly just spent the time going around in circles around the normal, or like me, just spend the time in the tent dreading the failure which was sure to come. Though, in all honesty, it wasn’t all that bad – thing is, once it’s over it’s over, so for me it was both exciting and full of anxiety, because this was the last time I would be humiliated on a large scale. You could say, I was in anxious anticipation of the last time to be publicly humiliated. Mind you, I kind of gotten used to being one of the guys who would mess things big time, after years of being one of those, you sort of get used to it and when people laugh at you you just shrug it off. Sometimes I would get into a dark and depressive mood about how my situation sucks, but, those usually did not last – that’s not how it was for everybody with my level of skill, some got really depressed and were negative about everything – I can’t blame them, but, that was not me. I had food, I had family, I had spare time – I could afford most things I wanted, so while my social life left much to be desired, and my druidic skills left, an equal amount of lack – I was ok. Some druidic skills I was very good at infact, maybe that’s why I did not sink into depression and negativity. Unlike your typical low-level, barely passable-for druid, I actually was quite phenomenal at some spells, but even more of a fail with others. The average druid can make 50% of the spells work really well, another 20% of the spells well, and another 15% of the spells work somewhat ok, that’s 85% workable spells, in varying degrees. Over time your average druid could make the spells that don’t work too well work somewhat better, depending on the level of effort he puts into them. However, there’s still 15% of spells that the average druid will simply never be able to make work, they say it has to do with genetical compatibility with the druidic energy required to make spells work or something like that. The difference between the average druid and the good or the elite is those 15%. The really elite druids might have lesser skills with some of the other 85% spells, maybe even lesser than what an average student would have, BUT, they have a wider range of spells that they can use, so some of the better students can use 92% of the spells, while the elite group is considered to be those with 95% compatibility with the spells, or say 94.5%, well, whoever is in the close range of 95%. There aren’t many such students naturally, but they do exist – our class has two. Some classes have none, some have 3, one even has 5. Those usually have after-school activities and special lessons to cultivate those spells, funnily enough though, not all who are capable take those, hell the dude in our class isn’t even slightly interested, he wants to be a musician or something like that – he spends more time on the guitar than anything else, and even though he’s super capable, he barely passes the performance/theory tests. On the other hand, the girls love him. There’s always a tradeoff. *chuckles*. Anyway, as for me, Well, I can make less than half of the spells work. HOWEVER, there are some spells that I can make work faster, better, more efficiently, and just, just much better than anybody else. It’s always been that way, though it doesn’t get me much recognition or anything, in fact, some of the students are pretty jealous of that trait, so not only am I on the F-team, I’m also specifically pointed out as the weird one. Well, whatever, it used to bother me through the earlier years, but you get used to it. Or you sink into negativity. In the end it’s up to you how you wish to react to the shit that others throw at you. Some good stuff did come out of it, from time to time I’ll get requests from people wishing to use my special talents.  For example, one time we were practicing noise isolation spells, and to my and everybody else’s surprise, I could do those much better than anybody else. I could Isolate noise much better under various conditions. Some students could only Isolate noise if there were no adverse conditions, like say rain, or thunder or whatever – me, I could Isolate a place without any walls and under any conditions, it simply didn’t matter. Though, my Isolation spell would last much less time than theirs. So one day the guitar-head elite-student from our class asked me if I could make an Isolation spell all over the sports field. Gives me a nice feeling remembering that day, I think that was the first time somebody made use of my “peculiar” talents, and it was also the first time that extra notice was brought to it. Now that I think about it, from that moment on more kids started disliking me, and some, started disliking me with a greater passion. I suppose nobody liked the fact that the cool kid asked the weird kid for help. Whatever, I liked it, I felt useful and it was quite a challenge. I wasn’t able to set it up properly though, the area was just too large, if left unattended the spell would collapse – the huge area that it had to be active over required a constant maintenance – a battery of sorts, so I had to be present so it would be properly maintained – I did not complain, I


Laught at a struggling writer: Druids and shit
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