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Oogachaka oogachaka
סמל קבוצה

קבוצה: צוות נארוטו
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תאריך הצטרפות: 1.03.07
מיקום: Chu
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סקנליישן סיני.

pg 1

D : mukuro.. rokudo mukuro..
Mukuro : what do you still want?
D : you have my thanks.
Mukuro : ! you're still going on gibbering rubbish despite being near death?

pg 2

tsuna : mukuro!
Mukuro : oya oya
Tsuna : you're possessing chrome right?
mukuro : the mafia just keeps coming.. one after another.

pg 3

AH! katou julie is lying over there!
Enma : JULIE!!
reborn : it appears that your guardian is the victor.
tsuna : aye
Mukuro : but of course
gokudera : but.. katou julie is daemon spade right?
tsuna : this means...

pg 4

tsuna : that daemon has been defeated?
mukuro : kufufufu, you dont have to be that surprised right?
since hes my enemy, i`ll never ever allow him to continue existing in this world.
gokudera : you wont allow... that means to say..
yamamoto : you have easily defeated him..
tsuna : amazing.. as expected of mukuro.. you're amazing.
reborn : its kinda disappointing since this is a rare occasion where you're mentally prepared for battle.

pg 5

kyoya : even though i wanna bite you to death right here right now, victory is pointless considering the way you are at the moment. (he means mukuro's lethargic i think)
tsuna : HIBARI senpai! this guy is forever wanting to battle with everyone.
mukuro : kufufu hibari kyoya. i can always be your opponent anytime anywhere.
kyoya : your speed has decrease, a battle with you right now will be boring.
mukuro : *sorry i dont understand this part*

pg 6

mukuro : if thats the case, i shall take you up on your offer and rest. before i finally succeed in possessing you, i shall leave chrome to you, sawada tsunayoshi.
tsuna : ah! hes saying that again!
Mukuro : *this part isn't important*
reborn : dangerous! *kicks tsuna*
tsuna : ah!

pg 7
yamamoto : * i dont understand this either* but i reckon its either beautiful catch/beautiful save/beautiful fall.
chrome : boss?
tsuna : chrome, are you alright?
chrome : hows mukuro sama?
tsuna : about mukuro, he has defeated daemon and has just left your body a while ago.
chrome : mukuro sama defeated daemon spade?
tsuna : yup. he isn't injured or anything (and something else i cant understand).
hes really amazing isn't he?

pg 8
chrome : ah mukuro sama... im glad.
gokudera : heh you're sucha weird girl chrome. you're the one that was caught.
yamamato : ahahah yup thats right.
but you're only worried about mukuro. (i think what they're saying is that chrome only seems to be worried about mukuro and not herself considering she was the one that was caught in the first place)
lambo : carry me!!
chrome : lambo, please dont bounce on me like that
tsuna * i dont get this part too *

pg 9
mukuro (owl) : this is weird
tsuna : mukuro ?
yamamoto : isnt this the owl?
gokudera : but how is this possible?
owl : this is indeed troublesome.
tsuna : this voice.. this feeling... can it be?
chrome : mukuro sama!!

pg 10 :
owl : it seems i have exerted too much power during my previous battle that it takes all of my remaining energy to possess mukuro (owl)
tsuna : mukuro.. whats the meaning of this?
owl : a little problem has surfaced.
owl : i cant seem to return to my original body thats still in vindice.
reborn: mukuro, whats the meaning of this?
owl : the link to return to my original body has been severed.
tsuna : how is this possible?
katou : pain.. this hurts.
what on earth happened?

pg 11 :
katou : huh?
gokudera : you bastard! you're actually still alive!
tsuna : this means that hes still possessed by daemon spade
katou : huh? what on earth are you going on about? what actually happened?
mukuro : thats not the case
chrome : this person is no longer daemon spade.

pg 12 :

katou : AYE enma.. whats the meaning of this? what on earth happened?
enma : julie, you really dont remember anything?
katou : yup, for some reason i have the feeling i have been asleep for a long time.
reborn : it appears that katou julie is finally freed from daemon spade's possession. and even so, this is really strange... this victor has already been determined and so the vindice should have already appeared..
tsuna : no matter who the victor is the vindice will usually appear but does this mean that the victor have yet to be determined?
chrome : mukuro sama
mukuro : mm? till date i have never ever encountered something like this.. not even once. in that case, the only possibility is...

pg 13 :
mukuro : while im possessing chrome, that guy took the opportunity to possess my soulless body thats in vindice.

pg 14 :

daemon : just you wait vongola decimo and family, i'll be right there.

finally the day has come.

pg 15 :

daemon : Im really grateful to you rokudo mukuro..

pg 16 :

daemon : your body.. IS MINE.

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