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> Bible Black 02 encoding scriptzor
הודעה 22.07.2013, 08:41
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First - pixor for comparison:



Encoding script:
d2vpath = "VTS_01_1.d2v"

#Rainbow-Kill pre-IVTC
Bifrost(Interlaced=true, scenelumathresh=5) #Very solid, good and tried De-Rainbower, I use it pre-IVTC.

#DotCrawl-Kill pre-IVTC
TComb(mode=0,fthreshL=3,othreshL=5) #TComb is multifunctional, in this mode I use it to kill some light Dot-Crawl.

#Pre-IVTC Denoising + Sharpening and then some denoising
fft3dfilter(sigma=1.4, bt=5, bw=32, bh=32, ow=16, oh=16, sharpen=0.2,interlaced=true,wintype=1, degrid=1)

#IVTC(InVerseTele-Cine[Weave 2 fields to 1 frame, and cut out the repeating frames by decimation{29.970--->23.976}])
Interp = nnedi(field=-1)
deint = TDeint(mode=0,Order=-1,field=-1,type=1,AP=55,edeint=interp,slow=2,emask=TMM(mode=0,order=-1,field=-1))
tfm(d2v=d2vpath,clip2=deint,order=-1,Mode=5, pp=7, field=-1, slow=2).TDecimate(mode=1, denoise=true)

#Color Correction(used for color conversion from TV colors to PC colors[Well, not precisely "color" conversion, also the levels of brightness/darkness])
SmoothLevels(input_low=16, gamma=1, input_high=250, output_low=0, output_high=255,preset="tv2pc", limiter=2,lmode=0,protect=19,chroma=100)

#Cropping and Resizing - killing off useless borders and resizing to a resolution which will give correct PC aspect ratio.
Crop(10,2,-6,-2) #Crop a bit, but kep AR as close to 1.5 as you can(X:Y=1.5), here we got 1.496, acceptable.
BlackManResize(784,576) #Correct resize to preserve Aspect Ratio from TV to PC resolution, on NTSC 4:3 will be X:Y = 1.3625 ---> 784/576=1.361, which is close enought.
crop(8, 0, -8, -0) #Then we crop to make it 4:3 PC standard, which is X:Y = 1.3333

#Light single-grain Denoising, like the old-days UnDot()

#Semi-Heavy Denoiser
VagueDenoiser(threshold=0.8, method=1, nsteps=6, chromaT=2.0)

#Line Darkening

#Line Thinning and small sharpening
WarpSharp(64, 10, 64, -0.6)

#Picture Sharpening
LSFmod(Strength=70, Smode=3, SMethod=3,Secure=true, Lmode=-1, Soft=-2, Soothe=true, Keep=70).LimitedSharpenFaster(Smode=4, strength=50)

#DeHalo - kills that white hallow around the line-edges.
DeHalo_alpha_mt(rx=2.0, ry=2.0, darkstr=0.5, brightstr=0.7, lowsens=47, highsens=53, ss=1.5)

#AntiAliasing - helps get rid of broken lines and straighten shit out, but also smoothens shit and kills details - careful usage is required.

#Heavy Denoiser, smoothener

LimitedSharpenFaster(Smode=4, strength=30)

Coming out soon smile.gif. If my translator isn't a lazy ass wink.gif.


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